TV Broadcaster Alex Langlands supports the National Milling & Millwrighting Academy

TV presenter and accomplished academic, Alex Langlands, familiar to many as one of the presenters on the Edwardian Farm, Victorian Baker and Steam Ahead has put his support 100% behind our project:Alex Langlands

“The proposed Academy at Sutton Mill represents a vital step in the direction of future-proofing the nation’s milling heritage. The skills of the millwright are distinct, varied and unique and if we were to let them go forever we would place in certain jeopardy the nationally significant wind, water and drainage mills that grace our landscape. At a time when Britain yearns for its heritage – a sense of past in order to better equip us for the future – the National Milling and Millwrighting Academy represents a bold and must-needed step in the direction of preserving one of the nations most important heritage assets.”

Thank you Alex!

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