Donations Exceed £50,000 let’s keep going!

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We’re delighted to announce that donations have now exceeded £50,000 which is a great milestone to have achieved! A big thank you to everyone who has contributed, whether through the Crowd Funding (which closed on the 6th February) or now direct through the website.

We’ve now reached almost 25% of the funds required to unlock the grants and loans to get the project underway! The project team continues to work tirelessly to achieve our goal.

Can you afford to help us further by donating more to ensure the future of our millwrighting and traditional milling skills?

Who in your network of friends and family could you ask to support our project? Whether you are passionate about baking, crazy about mills, love the Broads or simply want to ensure our heritage is protected, there’s an important reason to support the Sutton Mill Heritage Centre and National Milling & Millwrighting Academy.

A reminder of the key benefits of our project:

  • Ensure there are trained millers to produce fantastic artisan stoneground flours for bakers into the future
  • Bring great economic benefits to North East Norfolk from increased tourism, adding a new destination for visitors and thus improving the local economy
  • Offer a stunning location for people to come from Norwich and the surrounding area to shop, eat and learn about our industrial heritage
  • Offer employment for up to 15 people, a fact which has been recognised by North Norfolk District Council who have committed a £350K loan to help us purchase the site
  • Serve to secure the future of many of Norfolk’s remaining wind and watermills as the apprentices we train will be able to work on these buildings which are in the care of the Norfolk Mills & Pumps Trust
  • Safeguard the nation’s milling heritage through the long-term provision of trained skilled craftspeople to repair, maintain and run wind and watermills
  • Offer facilities for the local community and provide numerous opportunities for volunteering and community engagement

Please help us by Donating.

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