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Since we went public with the news of our plans to rejuvenate Sutton Mill and create the National Milling and Millwrighting Academy we have been delighted with the level of interest, enthusiasm and support shown by people from across the Country.

Local people, neighbours living around the mill, mill enthusiasts and others with no connection of the mill have been getting in touch to offer support and already, some serious interest in investing in the project.

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We are also grateful to Mike Page for allowing us to use his fantastic aerial images of the site such as the one above. They also make clear the significant amount of work that will be required to return Sutton Mill to her former glory and the proud home of the Academy.

If you can help, please Contact Us 

7 thoughts on “Facebook Page Live!

  1. When do you intend to start work? We used to enjoy watching the sunset behind the mill from our cottage. She had her cap on then & also the sail cross members! Now she is just a blob on thr horizon! Also the grounds are a disgrace!


    1. Hi Alan, thanks for your message. We hope to start working parties at the mill in the New Year to help improve the grounds and begin clearing the years of vegetation and debris that litter the site. The date when repairs commence to the mill is subject to further fund raising – so if you and others can help in any way to progress that fund raising, we’d love to hear from you! Look out for announcements regarding the establishment of the Friends of Sutton Mill Group!


      1. I will be very pleased to become a friend of Sutton Mill when you set up the group!


      2. Hello Alan – are you able to join us at Hickling Barn on the 7th December 2017 at 7pm to be present for the launch of the Friends of Sutton Mill? See our recent post on the website!


      3. Sorry, rather short notice, would love to attendeduct but have a prior engagement. The lead up to Christmas is a busy time, I feel January would have been a better time for a first meeting! ………Regards, Alan.


  2. This is a fantastic project, I too have fond memories of Climbing the nine floors of Sutton and would love to see it once again restored and fully working, please keep me updated with any news and as so as I am able I will donate to the restoration.


  3. Hello again, is there anymore news regarding the “Friends of Sutton Mill?” Have you settled on an annual subscription for instance?


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