HELP US SAVE SUTTON MILL and build the National Milling and Millwrighting Academy

We now have only a few weeks to raise £150,000 to enable us to make an offer for Sutton Mill and create the National Milling & Millwrighting Academy. Please help us to save this stunning Norfolk windmill or it will likely be lost for ever, never to work again!


The National Milling and Millwrighting Academy based at the Sutton Mill Heritage Centre has been founded to safeguard the future of two traditional crafts which are as vital today as they were 150 years ago.

Learn about our Project by watching our video:

Our Vision is to purchase and then restore the Grade 2* listed Sutton Mill and Granary to create a base for the Academy from which to train millers and millwrights in the crafts of stoneground milling and traditional millwrighting.


To fund the training programmes and to enable the public to engage with project, we will also build a Heritage Centre at Sutton Mill comprising exhibition space, a bakery, cafe and shop where people can tour the commercial windmill, artisan bakery and millwrights workshops, seeing the millwrights in action.

The project is being delivered by the National Millwrighting Centre CIC, a not for profit Community Interest Company set up to delivery this project which is of national as well as regional importance. The project is supported by the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB) and North Norfolk District Council.

We need your help and financial support to make this project a reality. We still need to raise significant additional funds to purchase the site!


Keep up to date with progress by reading our blog posts.

National Millwrighting Centre CIC: Company Registration: 10947276

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